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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Social software for the masses

DontStayIn is the place to plan your clubbing calendar. Our army of spotters are busy taking photos of clubbers at the hottest parties in your area and throughout the world. If you've had your photo taken, you can look through our galleries to find it.

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Much as I love DSI it really has a lot more it could add, functionally. It is the only social software I have really seen non-techies embrace - and combines the functionality of a successful collaborative social calendar (something rarely seen) and the sort of photo sharing / subscription to events / tagging that flickr does.

If I go to an event, up to several hundred people will be taking photos and linking them to that event in the calendar. The site alerts (via email unfortunately) you of anything tagged with your username or an event you were at.

There is also forums, chat, dating etc. However there is no RSS feed. Going to a large event such as SW4 on Clapham Common guarantees you unwanted notifications of photos you won't be in. Lots of them, clogging up your inbox :(

There is also no way for me to link with my friends, unless I do it manually. There is no integration with existing social networks - even anything as basic as scanning csv's of emails. MSN integration would be awesome.

Plus, why do I have to go through a double upload process for photos. Can't they read my flickr feed?

Maybe it's because of the simplicity that the hordes are using it.


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