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Friday, October 28, 2005

Peak Gas

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It seems that Peak Oil may not be the biggest energy issue we need to panic about. This well researched article points out a few things I didn't know:

- North Sea gas has already peaked;

- We are in for a cold winter here in the UK;

- If gas shortfall hits 10%, we will lose electricity (although I don't quite understand this part...);

- The UK gas system is based around 'just in time' delivery;

All in all, we could be facing imminent problems. It sounds like although there are initiatives to combat the problem, such as building large storage facilities... that isn't necessarily going to solve the long term problem.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Conundrum said...

I agree with your assessment regarding Peak Gas being as imminent as Peak Oil if not more so with present rates of discovery and extraction etc. Looking around tells us that by 2020 the UK will be 90% dependent in Norway the Middle East and Russia for its Gas supply but the bigger factor is the USA who has a deeper Gas issue apparantly then we do. Oil and Gas Peaking within 20 years worldwide is looking likely at the moment


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