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Sunday, October 23, 2005

ID cards supplier briefing

The Home Office's ID Cards project team have released a presentation and questionnaire to their supplier group to keep the motor running before Royal Assent in Q1 2006.

Whilst there are lots of smaller suppliers involved in the process, it is unlikely they will get much of a look in. The tender will go to a combination of the following: EDS, Capita, Logica, IBM, Accenture.

Given the ailing HMRC project, Logica and Accenture are a little disadvantadged. EDS is also constantly under threat due to the tax credits fiasco which throws doubt on it's ability to implement the supporting business change capability along with technology - although they do have the Oyster cards project under their belt, giving them good experience. They have recently confirmed their interest.

Accenture also has a current project recieving negative attention - specifically the NHS IT programme. Perhaps Capita are the only ones there whose sins (Criminal Records checks) may now have been forgotten...


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