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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ID cards

I'm bored with people being so negative about ID cards.

They will make my life easier, hopefully - less cards/paperwork to worry about. I'm sure there will be lots of useful benefits...

Plus, I think it's perfectly justifiable to spend a few million up front to scope the project. To work out some high level details. For instance, whether the card holds your details - or whether there is a hash that is transmitted to a remote database and validated. This is *important* and needs to be worked out before it is discussed in parliament.

It WILL CLEARLY help with illegal immigration / benefit fraud (terrorism to a much lesser extent). Why? Because passports, driving licenses and birth certificates are easy to get hold of, £300 round the corner from me for a passport. It's harder to falsify biometrics. (I said harder, not impossible)...

Much more importantly, worry about Oyster cards. Carried by most Londoners and have credit card details on, unencrypted.

Then again, they're useful too...


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